Florian's Geocache Page

Caches placed by Florian

Cadiz Dunes
Placed 12/7/2002

Travelers Peak
Placed 2/9/2002

Palen Far Side
Placed 1/1/2002

Flag over Palm Springs
Placed 11/23/2001

Fargo Underground
Placed 11/4/2001
Removed by NPS 12/7/2001

Tahquitz Overlook
Placed 10/29/2001

Fan Hill
Placed 9/15/2001

Pacific Valley
Placed 8/15/2001

Black Mountain
Placed 6/19/2001

Araby Hope
Placed 5/21/2001

Amboy Lava Flow Dinocache
Placed 4/13/2001

Teakettle Junction
Placed 4/11/2001

Placed 4/7/2001

Old Dale Road Gilacache
Placed 4/3/2001
Removed by NPS 12/7/2001

Placed 3/22/2001

Cahuilla Canyon
Placed 3/4/2001

Truckhaven Trail
Placed 2/19/2001

Caches found by Florian

S-22 Desert Cache
Found 10/28/2005

San Jacinto Peak
Found 7/27/2003

Over the Edge
Found 4/4/2003

Rockhouse Canyon
Found 4/3/2003

Steel Ghosts
Found 9/28/2002

Found 9/9/2002

Vintage Race Track Cache
Found 8/24/2002

PS Tram Cache
Found 8/4/2002

Mini Cache Two
Found 8/4/2002

Mini Cache One
Found 8/4/2002

Coachwhip Canyon
Found 4/2/2002

Short Wash
Found 4/1/2002

Bud Curtis Memorial/Whale Peak
Found 3/22/2002

Cache Sin Nombre
Found 3/21/2002

Volcanic Hills
Found 3/21/2002

Jacumba 3446
Found 3/20/2002

Calcite Cave
Found 1/16/2002

Ocotillo Island
Found 1/12/2002

Carry Me Down
Found 1/1/2002

Red Cloud Mine
Found 12/1/2001

Mine Wash Road
Found 11/17/2001

Camp Ledge
Found 11/17/2001

Font's stash-o-goodies
Found 11/17/2001

Tierra del Sol
Found 11/17/2001

Holly Tom
Found 11/11/2001

San Andreas Crevasse
Found 11/3/2001

La Quinta Ocotillo
Found 10/23/2001

Dos Hombres
Found 10/21/2001

Found 10/20/2001

Hollywood and Vine
Found 10/20/2001

View of Badlands
Found 10/20/2001

Box Canyon Dos
Found 10/20/2001

Phil's Memorial Cache
Found 7/17/2001

English Tom
Found 5/18/2001

Sandstone Nipple
Found 5/6/2001

X's and O's
Found 5/5/2001

Truckhaven Uncache
Found 5/5/2001

Hidden Spring Cache
Found 4/23/2001

The Grotto Cache
Found 4/23/2001

Painted Canyon Cache
Found 4/18/2001

Chloride Cache
Found 4/12/2001

Graham Pass Cache
Found 4/7/2001

Red Canyon ME
Found 4/7/2001

Virgina Dale Cache
Found 4/3/2001

Pinto Mountain Cache
Found 4/3/2001

Split Mountain Cache
Found 3/23/2001

Yaquitepec Cache
Found 3/23/2001

Mud Cave Cookie Tin
Found 3/22/2001

Powder Can Cache
Found 3/21/2001

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