Florian's Flag Over Palm Springs Geocache
N33° 46.839', W116° 31.098'
Placed 11/23/2001

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Sometime around 10/4 a very nice American flag was placed atop Smoketree mountain south of Palm Springs. I first noticed the flag from my front yard. Flag is about 1.5 miles from my house and i can occasionally see people on the peak through binoculars. I've hiked up here quite a few times myself in the past. Great views of Palm Springs and the surrounding desert. I'm not sure the exact date the flag was placed. Whoever placed the flag did an outstanding job. It was very pretty. See first picture below.

The original flag disappeared around 11/19 which is a shame. I think it was malicious since i found the original flagpole thrown down off the peak minus the flag. Someone else has put up a much smaller plastic flag as a replacement but it's not quite the same. On 11/23 i hid a "real" cache near the peak the flag is on. The coordinates now reflect this new cache. The new cache is about 50 yards south of the peak in a large Altoids tin. Continuing with the patriotic theme the tin contains various flags, flag stickers and buttons. See photos below.

The most popular trail for this peak is the Garstin trail from Bogart Trail at about 33N 46.555, 116W 31.848. Another good way up is via the Araby trail. See Araby Hope cache page for details. Also the Shannon trail is probably the fastest, but steepest way up. Be sure to log your find at Geocaching.com and send me an email too!

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picture 1
The original Flag Over Palm Springs.

picture 2
The much smaller replacement flag. Picuture is facing south.

picture 3
Looking south-east from near the flag. The cache is in the foreground boulders.

picture 4
Cache is under the boulder on the right. You can just barely see the flag in the background.

picture 5
Cache contents. Try to stick with the theme if you can.

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