Florian's Truckhaven Geocache
N33.27544, W116.08366
Placed 2/19/2001

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Fairly remote area in the desert of Southern California. Site is not hard to reach however. About a half mile south of a main paved road. There is a dirt road a bit closer to the cache site. Do NOT drive off the road. Walk to the cache site! The desert is very fragile and tire tracks last for decades. You do not need four wheel drive to get here. Just walk from the paved road. Cache is outside the state park boundary to avoid any problems with placing items in the park. There is a conspicuous man-made landmark a bit north of the cache. You can see it here but don't look unless you want to know beforehand. Be sure to log your find at Geocaching.com! [This cache information may be used/copied/distributed freely for any purpose whatsoever without prior consent of the cache owner.]

Cache is in a round cookie tin. Contents include a Darwin-fish button, a Japanese globe in acrylic, a neat rock climbing doohicky, constellation star chart cards, sign language cards, edible/poisonous plants cards, a round starchart wheel, an AOL disk (Ver 6.0), a whistle, a photo of me (please leave the photo), some other little things and a notebook and pencil. I didn't leave batteries or a camera because the intense desert heat would ruin both in a very short time. I'm wonding if the AOL disk will survive the summer. (Sorry, i didn't leave the rock hammer.)

with lid on
With the lid on. Cute teddy bears. Rain isn't really a problem on the desert so container does not need to be water tight.

looking south
Looking south before i put the rock on top.

looking west
Looking west. Be sure to replace the rock on top of the tin as the area can get some pretty strong winds.

looking east
Looking east. The cache doesn't stand out. You may need to make a few passes around the area before you find it.

from a distance
From a distance looking east. There are sandy areas around but the cache is on a bit of a rocky ridge.

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