Red Cloud Mine cache
by Desert Tripper

Found by Florian on 12/1/2001 detail page

This cache is in a very pretty area of the southern California desert. I've driven up and down Salt Creek and along the Bradshaw Trail near here but never actually into the Red Cloud mine area until today. Is spectacular. Amazing hillsides covered in cholla cactus. Be careful hiking around. Took me a while to find the actual cache. Only found due to my persistence. I found the cache about a hundred feet from the posted coordinates. Had a good time looking anyway among the boulders. I show the cache at these coords: 33° 35.734', 115° 26.528'. I've had trouble before with my GPS so the problem may very well be mine and not with the original coords. I left a tin of cinnamon Altoids, a USA antenna ball, and a computer game. Took the glass shards from the Mojave phone booth! What a cool thing to find. I've been to the booth before it was removed. Wish it was still there. Was also funny to find a comment for me in the logbook from team LOST! Thanks guys. ;-)

picture 1
Looking west from where i parked. About 2 tenths of a mile from cache. Note all the chollas.

picture 2
Cache is below and to the right of this large boulder.

picture 3
Behind this silverish rock.

picture 4
Cache contents! No, i did not leave my eTrek.

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