Florian's Tahquitz Overlook Geocache
N33° 48.144', W116° 33.549'
Placed 10/29/2001

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Cache is overlooking Tahquitz Canyon west of Palm Springs. Nice view of the falls from the cache although there wasn't much water today. The drop-off from the cachesite is a long way down so be careful. Trail starts at the west end of Mesquite Ave. Look for the Lykken trail marker. The Tahquitz Canyon visitor center is also nearby but a notice on their sign says no parking for the Lykken trail. (You might want to visit the center after your hike.) I usually park a bit east on Mesquite and walk up to the trailhead. Trail is steep and exposed. Great views of Palm Springs and the mountains. Once you come to the little picnic area you continue west on your own up the ridge. Cache is pretty well hidden. Use the photos to help you find the right boulder to look under. From the north side the cache is at eye level in a small cookie tin. Original contents include a small compass, a wizard, a little doggy, an apple lollypop, a tin of cinnamon Altoids, logbook and pencil. Just north of the cache is a great flat rock to sit on and gaze down to the falls. It's a long way down so be careful! Be sure to log your find at Geocaching.com and send me an email too! [This cache information may be used/copied/distributed freely for any purpose whatsoever without prior consent of the cache owner.]

picture 1
Lykken trailhead

picture 2
Cache is up the ridge behind the picnic tables

picture 3
Cache is under the boulder that my hat is resting on

picture 4
Cache contents

picture 5
Looking north-east from the cachesite. Be careful!

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