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Thursday, 1/21, Middle Lykken

Hike Middle Lykken taking 1 hour 5 minutes.

Tuesday, 1/19, South Lykken

Hike South Lykken. Cool and breezy.

Sunday, 1/17, Ride 12.5 miles

City loop taking 49 minutes.

Saturday, 1/16, Ride 10.6 miles

Tollgate out-and-back taking 41 minutes.

Friday, 1/15, Desert day trip

I10 to Red Cloud Mine exit. Visit Hayfield petroglyph site. My first time here. Continue east to Eagle Mtn road and back to I10. Drive back on I10 to Cottonwood Canyon exit. Cottonwood campground closed. (Sign says it's reservation only now. News to me.) Stop along aqueduct road just outside of park for sardine lunch and to enjoy the view. Nice bright warm sunny day but a bit breezy. Lots of campers around on BLM land as is upcoming MLK holiday weekend. Back home by 2p. 160 miles for the day.

Wednesday, 1/13, Rimrocks to Araby

Hike Rimrocks to Araby taking 1 hour 40 minutes then walk home from TH for a total time of 2 hours.

Tuesday, 1/12, North Lykken

Hike North Lykken taking 1 hour 10 minutes.

Sunday, 1/10, South Lykken through hike

South Lykken through hike with Kai taking 1 hour 55 minutes van to jeep. Chat with Ellen. Perfect day.

Saturday, 1/9, Ride 10.8 miles

City loop taking 43 minutes.

Thursday, 1/7, Middle Lykken

Hike Middle Lykken taking 1 hour 20 minutes.

Monday, 1/4, South Lykken

Hike South Lykken.

Sunday, 1/3, Shannon trail

Hike Shannon with Kai.

Friday, 1/1, Ride 11.8 miles

New Year's Day city loop taking 47 minutes. Breezy.

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