Florian's Fargo Underground Geocache
N33° 47.790', W116° 02.994'
Placed 11/4/2001

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Sometime prior to 12/7/2001 the National Park Service removed this cache.
This cache no longer exists.

This is a cache for the bit more adventurous desert geocacher. Cache is up Fargo/Rockhouse canyons north-east of Indio. You can drive Fargo Canyon road to the wilderness boundary with a 4x4 vehicle. The remaining 3 miles is walking up Fargo and then Rockhouse canyons. Cache is in an old mine tunnel that i discovered a few years ago when the route was still open to 4x4 vehicles. Now you MUST hike from the wilderness boundary. The mine tunnel goes straight back over 100 yards. I went in about 50 yards and figured that was far enough since i was alone. I don't think i was quite halfway to the end. It's a bit of a squeeze to enter the tunnel but then it opens up to about 6' tall. Bring a GOOD flashlight with you. When i come here again i'm bringing someone with me so they can wait outside the tunnel just in case. The tunnel seems quite solid with no evidence of cave-ins. Still, it's a bit spooky when you're all by yourself. The cache itself is simple since i don't really expect many visitors. The tunnel is more the prize! About 20 yards in on top of the second set of wood support beams is a ziplock bag with paper and pencil for log and a fresh tin of cinnamon Altoids. Good luck, have fun, and be careful. Be sure to log your find at Geocaching.com and send me an email too!
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picture 1
Wilderness boundary. Obviously motorcyclists can't read and/or don't care.

picture 2
Tunnel tailings from the wash.

picture 3
Tunnel entrance. It's not as tight as it looks...

picture 4
...but you do have to stoop a bit. Bring a good flashlight!

picture 5
Nice tarantula. He was out in the wash, not in the tunnel.

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