Pyramid (Travelers/Palm) Peak Climb

Regarding the name of the peak: I've always called it Pyramid Peak. I either saw the name on a map or someone told me the name years ago. Also from my Truckhaven campsite the mountain has a triangular (pyramidal) shape. However Diana Lindsay's book Anza-Borrego A to Z identifies the mountain as Travelers Peak and states Pyramid Peak is the next higher peak to the north. To add to the confusion, the USGS survey marker at the summit is called PALM. Whatever the name, it's a spectacular place!

Looking up toward the summit from the south-west.

Remnant of an old trail. Facing south.

Steep canyon down toward Calcite Mine area.

They are hard to see but there are 16 bighorn sheep along the ridge!

Survey marker and register at the summit.

Looking south from the summit.

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