"Cool Things About Being a Creationist"


A Satire of Cool Things About Being an Evolutionist

by Volo and Neurovore

10. You can say that a great worldwide flood happened, and explain why there is no scientific evidence to back it up.

9. When raising a question of religious dogma, you can whine about being pointed to a comparative religion class.

8. Whenever presented with evidence of a transitional species, claim that it's not, and ask for another transitional species between it and the other species.
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7. You can ignore Richard Dawkin's book, "The Blind Watchmaker," and write your own book, "The Blind Fundamentalist."

6. You can refer to magazines like National Geographic as rags that fabricate fossil evidence.

5. If in need of some spare cash, create a foundation for studying Creationism, and use the research money.

4. You get to cross out "I don't know" or "as yet unknown" and print "God" in research papers.

3. You get to recieve your Ph.D. from an unaccredited institution, and then call yourself a scientist.

2. To convince the public of the wrongness of Darwinism, you put claims, such as "men came from monkeys," in Darwin's mouth.

And the number one cool thing about being a creationist is:

1. You don't have to make any distinction between fact and religious doctrine.


Volo is a Graduate student working towards an M.B.A

Neurovore is an Undergraduate student, working towards a B.A. in Computer Science.